Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Receive Divine Revelation and Hear from God

Baruch Okpulor

Any child of God without God’s power remains the footstool of the devil and wicked power. He would always come under the manipulation of sins and the evil forces of this dark world.
He lives with a bridge that connects him to the devil. He finds it very hard to retain God’s blessings in his life.
Most doors of greatness and goodness would always elude him.

Interestingly, God has reserved supernatural power for his children to enable them accomplish their life purpose on earth.
You cannot determine through supernatural means the purpose of your creation except you have access to God’s inspiration.

The easiest way to receive revelation and divine guidance concerning your life purpose on earth and what you must achieve here and how to achieve it is to establish a deeper relationship with God through covenant time and righteousness.

How to Start the Covenant Time

 Select a convenient time in the day or night
 This time must be permanent ie you will always meet with God at that same hour daily
 During this hour, disconnect yourself from every form of distraction until you are done
 Tell God in a prayer about the hour you have chosen to always meet with Him and invite the Holy Spirit to be the teacher
 Study and meditate on any portion of the bible of your choice or study with sound Christian books
 You can stay as long as you want in God’s presence as the Holy Ghost leads
 Close your study with a prayer asking the Holy Ghost to transform your life with the Word you studied.
 The next thing that will happen to you is that you will begin to have revelations about your life, family, business, career, through dreams.

Start this program today and see God’s power consume every struggle with sin, evil powers, failure and stagnancy in your life including fruit of the womb.

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