Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Be the Best Father in 4 Steps

By Baruch Okpulor

Years ago in Western lands, many homes had a treasured ritual. The whole family gathered around a table, at least once a day, to have a meal.
No interruptions were allowed. Nobody watched television, wore earphones, or sent text messages to friends.
A peaceful environment provided an opportunity for those present to absorb wisdom, strengthen family bonds, and laugh together over daily happenings while enjoying nourishing food.

However, the following ways give rise to a great father in the family.

a. Spend time with Your Family

Family meals and time out give children emotional stability and help them live a more balanced, healthy life. It presents the occasion to listen to the children’s’ needs and problems.
Apparently, such times help the parents teach the kids proper eating habits and avoid eating disorders.
Whenever the family eats together, the children develop a sense of belonging in an emotionally secured, warm and loving environment.

Spending time with the children presents the opportunity to discover the values, interests, emotional needs, weaknesses and strengths of the children. It is an occasion to inculcate desirable ethical and spiritual values in the kids.
Adopt a time table as best as you can on how to spend time with your family within each month.
Adjust your job schedule in order to be home before your children sleeps. Where your work schedule permits, ensure they see you in the morning before you zoom out.

b. Converse with Your child

My parents are my best friend because they are eager and willing to my needs, worries, challenges and plans. During my university days, my Dad went to bed around 1 a.m while we were discussing whenever I visit home.
Children can learn to talk and listen attentively through quality time of conversation.
It enriches their vocabulary and teaches them how to express their views, manage their anger and grievances.

c. Live by Example

Parents cannot afford to be “follow my word and not my way of life” to the children. Every father is expected to be the role model for the children. They can learn destructive habits from the parents through childhood programming. You can’t be a wife fighter or child bully or alcoholic and expect the opposite from the children.

d. Instruct and Discipline Your Child with Love

The opinion the child has about his worth depends largely on parental upbringing and relationship. Children who grow up in families with unhealthy parental relationship usually experience emotional trauma which may affect adversely the adult life.
Avoid intimidating and using foul language or coarse words on your children. Don’t spare the rod and spoil the child. Don’t destroy the child while correcting him.
Avoid maltreating the child. Manager your anger while disciplining your child.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to Receive Divine Revelation and Hear from God

Baruch Okpulor

Any child of God without God’s power remains the footstool of the devil and wicked power. He would always come under the manipulation of sins and the evil forces of this dark world.
He lives with a bridge that connects him to the devil. He finds it very hard to retain God’s blessings in his life.
Most doors of greatness and goodness would always elude him.

Interestingly, God has reserved supernatural power for his children to enable them accomplish their life purpose on earth.
You cannot determine through supernatural means the purpose of your creation except you have access to God’s inspiration.

The easiest way to receive revelation and divine guidance concerning your life purpose on earth and what you must achieve here and how to achieve it is to establish a deeper relationship with God through covenant time and righteousness.

How to Start the Covenant Time

 Select a convenient time in the day or night
 This time must be permanent ie you will always meet with God at that same hour daily
 During this hour, disconnect yourself from every form of distraction until you are done
 Tell God in a prayer about the hour you have chosen to always meet with Him and invite the Holy Spirit to be the teacher
 Study and meditate on any portion of the bible of your choice or study with sound Christian books
 You can stay as long as you want in God’s presence as the Holy Ghost leads
 Close your study with a prayer asking the Holy Ghost to transform your life with the Word you studied.
 The next thing that will happen to you is that you will begin to have revelations about your life, family, business, career, through dreams.

Start this program today and see God’s power consume every struggle with sin, evil powers, failure and stagnancy in your life including fruit of the womb.

Kindly send your questions, comments, and prayer requests to the email above.

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